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Sweet Little Lies (2012)

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- Actori: Diana Dumitrescu, Andi Vasluianu, Zaharia Visan, Marius Damian. The sweetest girl, Dana (Diana Dumitrescu) has to go out on a date with a broker, Dani (Andi Vasluianu) because her chubby friend, Oana (Antoaneta Zaharia), doesn't have the courage to meet her Facebook lover face to face. A hacker (Marius Damian) is cheating his partner, the computer, with a Facebook profile picture of two exquisite "delicious" girls. The whip cream/ chocolate teacher (Loredana ...
- Regia: Iura Luncasu
- Cinema: 19 Octombrie 2012 (Romania)
- Trailer: Youtube